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Tony Chackal on Supper Clubs

September 12, 2021

This episode we spoke with Tony Chackal about "supper clubs" -- how you can start one, and the political, social, and cultural implications of the practice of providing food as a host or receiving food as a guest.

Show Notes:

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  • Tony Chackal is a philosopher and Visiting Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Miami University.
  • Tony kindly agreed to create a playlist to listen to with your supper club. Take a listen, and if you start a supper club, let us know!
  • The book I couldn't come up with the name of was obviously Bowling Alone
  • The intro and outro music is "Whiskey Before Breakfast" which is both a great traditional song and a possible inspiration for a "pre-breakfast club" that you could also consider starting. It was performed and shared by The Dan River Ramblers under a Creative Commons license.

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